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Ribbon I attended the Ron Covell Workshop at Sachse Rod Shop in Sachse Texas this past weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed myself . The workshop was hosted by Frank & Mike Millsap and their "Super Crew" ,We were given a tour of the shop and out buildings during a break time . We were catered to 2 fine meals Sat. and Sunday , along with plenty of refreshments during the whole weekend . The employees made sure Ron had any tool he needed quickly so as to move along at timely speed during class .
On Saturday Ron built up several forms of Bucks ,a Wire Form ,Wooden ,Hammerform with plastic form inside ,and variations on the wooden buck form . He showed us many speedy techniques , along with how to simplify their construction. He demonstrated male /female hammerform uses ,plus how to cast a bondo form from the Hammerform .
Several of us brought in items we have built and Picture albums for the others to view . Ron set aside some time both days so that we could show our projects . Doug Steele brought with him a Buck and the start of a Midget body that was quite detailed . One of the Employees showed us a hammerform he used to form a Exhaust outlet for a customer car . The day started at 9:30 and ended at about 5:00 . There was plenty of question time throughout the day . Something i found very unique was Rons interest in techniques or procedures from students that were new to him , I guess you never stop learning .
Sunday I got an early start after breakfast , so i figured i head over to Sachse and wait in parking lot - wrong half the class was already there by 8:30 having a cup of coffee and talking . Sunday Ron was going to shape Aluminum .063 for the various Bucks he built up Saturday. He worked some in Annealed condition and some at half hard H-14 state . I believe first up was the Heart shaped hammerform ,he showed how to spot anneal and it;s affects during forming . Then on to the inside hammer form which he casted in Bondo . Frank Millsap had gotten a Palm Nailer and turned a Delrin die which Ron used to push Aluminum into form . I had heard of the tools use but never seen it in action ,it was finished in less than 2 minutes with Ron stopping and showing class progress -Quick.
He then moved to Buck of Trailer fender he assembled on Sat. . He explained pattern layout along with reason behind locations of seams and welds . Ron Made it in 2 half sections ,the first side was mallet and shot bag and smoothed on English wheel and the second half was just formed on English Wheel . Both sides a shrinker was used for in their forming .The seam was at 12;00 ,he showed how to cut the seam for joining .He then welded it and made a pass through the English Wheel to plannish weld . At this point he tipped the edge for strength and the procedure he used was really simple and quick , a piece of 1/4 flat bar with a slit cut in it the depth of the flange . Slowly working along inside edge a little at a time till he tipped the edge 90 degrees .
The final shaping of the day was the Motorcycle tank buck . Again he explained the Seam location ,pattern shape .This was done with Shrinker ,Shot Bag and English wheel .
It was quite a weekend , I picked up a lot of new information, procedures and met some new friends. The class was well paced with a great deal of students questions .I had never been to a metal working class before , I believe thats going to change now after my experiencing Rons Workshop and the bonus of finally meeting Ron after all these years of seeing his magazine articles {Back when he had a Ponytail}
One last item ,Frank Millsap and his employees were absolutely the most Gracious Hosts you could ask for , Thanks Guys for the wonderful weekend of learning .


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Does anyone know of any metal forming training/education that grants Continuing Education Units.

Jim Peck

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