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Hi MSA! I'm a novice but here goes. I am wanting to build a replica of a Jaguar racing coupe and want to build a buck and then have a pro build the body. Is it possible to get the ordinates(?) of the body from a photographic and convert it to a 3d image and then build a buck? So I basically need to build a buck from photos. Any help on how I would approach this would be appreciated. Bob.


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I am way out of my field here but I don't think so. We do a lot of mapping which includes taking air photos and converting them to ortho photos which basically means stretching the photo so it will fit a map of a given projection. To do this you need a digital elevation model which is basically a whole bunch of numbers that define the shape of the ground you are fitting the photo to. I suspect what you want is close to making a map. If this is similar the the mapping I am talking about, you would need a series of photo pairs taken from slightly different places (but of known offsets) and a stereoscope to plot all the points in 3 dimensions. Again, I don't know what I am talking about when it comes to CAD but I can imagine some sort of device that you would wheel around the car making measurements in 3D at many points might be a better route to go. Hopefully there is somebody here with more relevant experience. I would also be curious to know the right answer.

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