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* Open Discussion
This area is for general discussion -- just about any topic is okay as long......
Mike Graf 16
0/43 Sat, May 29th, 2004 Sat, Mar 1st, 2008
By: James Peck
Mike Graf 1
0/5 Mon, Dec 31st, 2007 Mon, Dec 31st, 2007
By: Mike Graf
* die for making small hinge barrels
Somewhere in the past I saw a die used with an arbor press. This was for m......
Dave Mudge 1
0/9 Thurs, May 17th, 2007 Thurs, May 17th, 2007
By: Dave Mudge
* Berty Stubbs Blacksmiths
Hi guys Thanks for all your feedback from my last post. The website h......
Berty Stubbs 1
0/10 Tues, June 13th, 2006 Tues, June 13th, 2006
By: Berty Stubbs
* Wink Antracit Photo Competition
Hello I'm not shore if this is th e proper threed? We would like to i......
Johan Sangberg 1
0/9 Mon, Apr 10th, 2006 Mon, Apr 10th, 2006
By: Johan Sangberg
* Mexican anvils
This is a repost of a discussion on the abana forums page. Ken disclaims a......
Mike Graf 1
0/13 Sun, Mar 19th, 2006 Sun, Mar 19th, 2006
By: Mike Graf
* Copper roses how to
Mike Graf asked that this be posted to the blacksmith forum enjoy and feel ......
Timothy Stachlewitz 4
0/20 Tues, Dec 28th, 2004 Tues, Jan 4th, 2005
By: George Diehl
It has been mentioned on this list that blacksmith@yahoogroups is affiliate......
Mike Graf 5
0/26 Sat, July 24th, 2004 Fri, Dec 24th, 2004
By: Mike Graf
* Pictures discussion
One attribute of the forums on MSA and Yahoo that we use somewhat, but in ......
Mike Graf 2
0/23 Tues, July 27th, 2004 Wed, Aug 4th, 2004
By: Mike Graf
* Conferences, Conventions and Hammer ins
I have NO travel budget this year I had to miss the ABANA conference. I wi......
Mike Graf 5
0/16 Mon, July 26th, 2004 Tues, Aug 3rd, 2004
By: Mike Graf

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