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Hi all from another Aussie member.
I have lurked here before just looking.

I have only limited metalshaping skills, but I have been messing around with metal and old cars for years.
I have better skills in the fitting and machining sector, and I am pretty good at welding thincker stuff, but I am practicing on thinner stuff.
I have made some basic patch panels as well as beating out some dents but that isnot yet my strong area, although I am willing and ready to learn!
I have seen some of Ron Covell's videos and read Ron Fournier's books.

I work as a draftsman in a shipyard drawing office, so I am reasonable good at CAD stuff with AutoCAD, but my home computer won't run it properly, so I need a newer one....

At any one time I always have a couple of car projects on the go. And a few in the que....


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Hi Greg! What part of OZ are you from? I chat with a couple guys from around the Sydney area and a gal from Melbourne.


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