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Announcement Hey everyone, great learning source you all have here. I am very happy I ran across this site. I have been tinkering with metal for ten years now and know some things. By no means would I consider myself an avid metalshaper, or a "professional." That's why I am here.

I am on the path to becoming a professional metalshaper. Next fall I am going to be attending Fay Butlers Metalshaping Seminar and he has been helping me with some questions and giving me advice on what to read. Also, I am on the hunt for a college around here that offers metalworking majors, such as machining, welding, etc. No luck thus far, however, I haven't spoken to any colleges, just surfed websites.

Does anyone know of any other great websites where I can learn more about metalshaping? Is anyone from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area? I desperately need a lesson in TIG welding.

I want to learn everything, so let the lessons begin!!


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Hi! I ran across these folks the other day searching keyword combos like metal fabrication in Michigan. By mapping it, it looks like Holland might be a half-hour drive or so from you. Let me know if you contact 'em and how it turns out.



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