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One area that we have been covering with a LOT of individual effort has been that of fests of various sorts.
tt's EMMR success is one of the latest examples. Our members have hosted , or participated in several events this year.

We could , however, be doing much more as a group in this area.
There has been some discussion off of this list among the moderators and various other members of MSA as to how this could be improved.

One thing that has come up is, that as an organization, we have nothing in writing to help someone put on an event.
There is a pretty long laundry list of things that someone would need to cover before hosting a fest. Tool lists, publicity,legal concerns,size, toilets, parking....

There is going to be an effort to put together a group of MSA members to think these things through with an eye toward publishing on the MSA website a resource for those interested in putting together an event.

The moderators will set up an off list forum for this group to work on, we will also take responsibility for putting together the final published form on the website. There is just much more experience in this area in the membership in general than there is among the moderators, so we'd like your help.

If you have any experience in hosting metal events or event planning for groups of various sizes, please consider contributing to this effort.
You needn't be a "metal god" of some sort to be of real help in this area. Planning for a BSA jamboree, or a church auction would also give you real world experience to share.

If you would like to help out please respond to :


as well as this list.

Mike Graf, moderator


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