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Smile Group I am looking for a starting part time helper on my new 36 Ford Roadster reproduction bodys project. The job will be helping me build & hand form 35/36 Ford Roadster Bodys out of steel & complete roller cars. The hrs will increase as the orders come in. I am doing national advertising at the present & have started selling body replacement pieces.
This will require some one that is dedacated to doing time consuming quality work. It will be all hand fab work using all of the equipment I have been gathering for the last 6 years. Plus help me build a few other pieces of equipment to do the job. I do not require a very experanced metal worker but experance will be help full I need some one that is willing to learn, pay attention to detail, work hard, be on time, preferable a non smooker. Wages will discuss depending on your present skills & abilitys. I am in Maple Valley Washington about 35 minutes south east of Seattle Washington my shop phone is 425 433 0294 Dan Pascoe www.creativebillet.com

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