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Album Images Owner Views
340 Ferrari
50"s Ferrari In 1/4 scale
5 James Bowler 19037
Bill Spear's Cyclekart
4 Bill Spears 18345
Bill Spears and his Cyclekart
22 Terry Cowan 59673
Billy's Speedster
29 model a peddel car
4 Mike Holland 5895
Creations in metal foil.
Models built by hand in metal foil. By: ALONSO GRILLO
10 Alonso Grillo 6480
Golfer T'
This is my first attempt at metalshaping
30 Keith Wieland 17721
IH Scout Pedal Car
Hammerforming pedal car parts over MDF forms.
16 Richard Clark 24500
Little things
This is ust a sample album for miniatures
1 Terry Cowan 9898
Metal Miniature
Some are mine some are friends
17 Jim Bailie 32743
Mighty Midget
Two foot power Midget Racer pedal car of hand formed aluminum for 2 to 6 year old children.
12 Doug Steele 10661
Pedal Plane
Gee Bee racer pedal plane. Mostly wood. Aluminum top of cowl and tail section. Made from plans.
7 Joel Ludwig 10967
San Antone chapter of the cyclekart builders
10 Terry Cowan 38644
Skip's Miller 91 Cyclekart
Cyclekart construction pics
42 Skip Pipes 43216
The Work of Young C. Park
Tinman Cyclekart
Building a cyclekart from start to finish.
81 John Tuto 102955
tt's pedal cars and stuff
Some of the pedal cars and things that i collect and make parts for.
37 Terry Thorne 38196

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